(user interface formerly known as Patient Connect)

Intelligent Computer Telephony Integration

Identify the Caller, Capture Numbers, See Notes, Identify Tasks and Click to Dial Calls

Intelligent clinical system integration solution designed to free up valuable resource, speed up the call handling process whilst saving money and capturing the most up to date contact information for your patients.

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Hours saved
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New numbers captured
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How Call-Connect GP Can Help You

  • Immediately identify the patient calling and quickly select the patient in the clinical system typically saving 12 seconds per call
  • Seamlessly and accurately capture any new number from which a patient calls and add to the Clinical System ensuring all activities that rely on up to date numbers are more efficient (such as SMS messaging solutions)
  • Immediately see notes and alert information from the Clinical System that may affect how the call is handled
  • Identify “priority” tasks and alerts that need to be actioned as part of the call, improving clinical outcomes and practice income
  • Recognise known non-patients (such as Pharmacies, Hospitals, etc...) and add new numbers to the central Practice directory
  • Automatically connect outbound calls with click to dial from the clinical system or anywhere else on the PC
  • Integrates with iCall Suite call recording: Click on a call recording to open in iCall Suite.